Our Services

Independent Advisors

FigTree Financial is a preferred choice for elite advisors, as we provide precisely what they require: turnkey resources, economies of scale, strategic guidance, industry expertise, and a safety net of operational support. Moreover, we offer each advisor unparalleled independence, flexibility, and control, empowering them to concentrate on what truly matters: nurturing client relationships and expanding their business.

The FigTreeAMP offers an advanced platform for the next generation of advisors, who have the entrepreneurial spirit to build and own their own practices and desire the freedom to deliver the tailored service their clients deserve. Our ecosystem of partnered independence provides a complete technology and operations platform, as well as support from a community of like-minded advisors and the resources of invaluable affiliated businesses.

The services advisors who join us can access via the FigTree platform include:

  • Investment research support

  • Accounting and financial audit services

  • Bespoke technology and client management platform

  • Legal and compliance support

  • Corporate administration services

  • Sales and marketing support